Types of Lighting

There are 4 main types of lighting to consider when choosing a bulb for your home or business. These bulbs vary with initial cost, energy requirements, and longevity. Our expert electricians are here to assist you in sorting through the options.


(Most Popular)

Incandescent bulbs are among the most popular and well known type of bulb. Their internal assembly is enclosed in a vacuum sealed glass bulb. The filaments on the insides glow white, suspended between two electrodes. Because of the lack of oxygen, does not burn while producing light. They have the shortest lasting time of about 700 to 1000 hrs.


(Energy Efficient)

This bulb also contains a partial vacuum; but in addition, mercury and phosphor vapors flow freely in the glass coils. When electricity excites the mercury vapor, it produces ultraviolet light. Then, the phosphorous vapor emits visible light caused by the UV light. These bulbs not only use a fraction of the energy, but can also last up to 10X longer than the previous incandescent bulbs. However, these bright lights can be quite harsh, so it is recommended by our electricians to have them in larger rooms such as kitchens, workshops, and great rooms.


(Most Costly)

A more recent developed form of lighting is this light-emitting diode. Electricity is converted to visible light using a semiconductor. Only being made available since the 1960’s, they produce low levels of light. They are more energy efficient compared to the later models. However, they only produce directional light; similar to a flashlight. It very often consists of several individual LEDs clustered in an array to increase the light. While they are considerably more costly, it is suggested by our team of electricians to be used as under cabinet lighting or for illuminating controls.



While the halogen bulb is similar to the previous incandescent bulb, the differences produce a bulb that can endure a much higher temperature. this bulb creates a whiter, brighter light. An inert gas and halogen element like iodine are what sets this bulb apart, also the lack of a vacuum like other bulbs. The panhandle electricians usually install these particular lights where they are not being directly looked into, such as recessed areas, barns, shops, other outdoor places and under cabinets.

Making the right choice for your needs

Our team of electricians can assist you with any questions you have regarding these types of lighting in your home, office or business buildings. Call One-way electric, LLC. today to assist you with all our residential electrical services!

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