Residential Electric Services in Amarillo, TX.

One-Way Electric, LLC. offers a wide variety of residential electrical services:

  • Complete new build wiring install
  • Complete re-wiring for residential remodel
  • Breaker Panel Updates and maintenance
  • Interior, Exterior, and Security Lighting
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Electrical outlet and light switch install
  • EV (electrical vehicle) Charging Station Install and Maintenance
  • Backup Generator install and maintenance

Electrical Breaker Panel Updates
  •  Types of lighting
  •  Lighting and Fans
    • Track lighting
    • Recessed lighting
    • Security lighting
    • Ceiling fan installation
  • Inspections and wiring
    • Breaker box wiring
    • Electrical inspection
    • Electrical wiring
    • Phone wiring
  • Home Systems
    • Emergency generators
    • Electrical vehicle charging stations

Types of lighting:

You have 4 main types of lighting to consider when choosing a bulb for your home or business. They vary with initial cost, energy requirements, and longevity; and the expert Electricians at One Way Electric are here to assist you in sorting through the options.


Incandescent bulbs are among the most popular and well known type of bulb. Their internal assembly is enclosed in a vacuum sealed glass bulb. The filaments on the insides glow white, suspended between two electrodes; but because of the lack of oxygen, does not burn while producing light. They have the shortest lasting time of about 700 to 1000 hrs.


This bulb also contains a partial vacuum; but in addition, mercury and phosphor vapors flow freely in the glass coils. When electricity excites the mercury vapor, it produces ultraviolet light. Then, the phosphorous vapor emits visible light caused by the UV light. These bulbs not only use a fraction of the energy, but can also last up to 10X longer than the previous incandescent bulbs. However, these bright lights can be quite harsh, so it is recommended by our electricians to have them in larger rooms such as kitchens, workshops, and great rooms.


A more recent developed form of lighting is this light-emitting diode. Electricity is converted to visible light using a semiconductor. Only being made available since the 1960’s, they produce low levels of light. They are more energy efficient compared to the later models, however they only produce directional light; similar to a flashlight. It very often consists of several individual LEDs clustered in an array to increase the light. While they are considerably more costly, it is suggested by the One Way Electric electricians to be used as under cabinet lighting or for illuminating controls.


While the halogen bulb is similar to the previous incandescent bulb, the differences produce a bulb that can endure a much higher temperature and create a whiter, brighter light. An inert gas and halogen element like iodine are what sets this bulb apart, also the lack of a vacuum like other bulbs. Amarillo electricians usually install these particular lights where they are not being directly looked into, such as recessed areas and under cabinets.

Lighting and Fans

Recessed lighting

Recessed lighting is the more modern form of lighting offices and houses. The newer models include features like “air-tight” enclosures; this new innovation has canceled older concerns of homes losing heated and cooled air into the attic. The cans now have a 5 inch diameter which is classified by electricians to be safe within insulation contact, or designation IC. This means they do not pose a heat threat to being in contact with the ceiling or insulation in the attic. They also contain thermal switches that can reset the light automatically. Making them safer in another way that the later models lacked. Another recent development in these lights that has caught the attention of most certified electricians has been the switch to LED lights, or solid state lights. These lights contain a built-in power supply, making them more compatible with 120 vac lines. These lights are energy efficient, and long lasting; saving you money! For more information about quotes for these lights installed please contact Nathan Hobbs with One Way Electric at (806)681-1217.

Track lighting

There are two different categories of track lighting, Please contact the One Way Electric team to discuss these differences in more detail, or to receive a quote for installation at (806) 681-1217. Both types of systems of track lighting have a mounted track, and moveable light fixtures. These fixtures are not only designed to be movable along the track but each individual fixture has a swiveling capability to illuminate art and other points of interest in a home or office.
The tracks supplying a 120 volt AC line current is the first category of track lighting to consider. On the higher end of the voltage scale these versatile track lighting can power low voltage fixtures and still be efficient by engaging a built-in power store; the main difference is that they also support the high voltage fixtures as well. The low voltage fixtures offer more variety in beam size and angles, and have different wattage specifications to fit your track lighting. Newer LED fixtures can be installed on higher voltage and lower voltage tracks; though they are more costly, these bulbs are not as harmful to to art fading and interior fabrics. A succeeding category of track supplies low voltage DC current; this track can only support the low voltage lamp fixtures.
Track lighting that has been professionally installed by our electricians can bring to life important objects and focal points in your home and office. Also because it is more efficient than lighting an entire area, it can fit in with your plan to conserve energy. Feel free to contact our professionals at One Way Electric for a quote.

Security lighting

Keeping Amarillo Safe!

Security lighting on your home or business can offer you security and protection for your property, also illuminating walkways and parking spaces or driveways for welcomed visitors. A very popular request for our amarillo residents is outdoor security lighting. These lights illuminate when it senses movement upon approaching visitors to their home or business. In addition to security cameras, security lighting can brighten the faces of people or animals approaching.
Even if you’re worried about unwelcome intrusions or just wanting to stand out in a neighborhood; outside security lighting can bring forth a solution to all residential, institutional, or commercial needs.
One Way Electric installs LED security lighting all over Amarillo! Our customer service ensures that the job you need will be done on schedule, in your budget, and most importantly done right the first time. Rest assured Amarillo is getting the best when you call One Way Electric.

Why should you count on One Way Electric?

  • We offer many options for security lighting you can trust!
  • Solid reputation for excellent service in Amarillo
  • Our customers service speaks for us!
  • Master Electricians as full-time staff training our apprentices for a bright future!

Make our team at One Way Electric your trusted provider for security lighting. We’ve been serving Amarillo and the Panhandle areas since 2011 and know how to give you peace of mind at your properties.

Ceiling fan installation

Summers in the Panhandle of Texas can get very hot! Ceiling fans help to circulate the air in your home, assisting your air conditioning unit and helping with better air flow. When you’re looking at replacing old fans in your home, or adding additional fans in other rooms of your house, you can depend on One Way Electric to give you the best service. Ceiling fans are a modern convenience that add value and appeal to a home. Our Electricians servicing Amarillo can replace a current light fixture with a new ceiling fan, or a ceiling fan/ light combination.

Many do-it-yourselfers swear that all homeowners should be able to do this job with ease. But, we can ensure the proper installation of your ceiling fans by our licensed electricians. We can guarantee that the job will be completed safely, and properly. One Way Electric has the knowledge of your homes intricate wiring and is serving Amarillo!

Why should you work together with One Way Electric?

  • We offer reliable, safe ceiling fan installation
  • Solid reputation for excellent service in Amarillo
  • Our customers service speaks for us!
  • Master Electricians as full-time staff training our apprentices for a bright future!

Contact your local Amarillo electricians at One Way Electric for your next ceiling fan installation today. We’ve been serving the Yellow City and the Panhandle areas since 2011 and know what it takes to survive these Texas Panhandle summers!

Inspections & Wiring

Breaker box wiring

The breaker box is the key to all the electricity in your entire home. Tweaking even the slightest switch could affect more than you initially thought, and that in itself is why you should have your local electricians from One Way Electric assist you with any of your Breaker box needs in Amarillo.

This box is frequently referred to as the service panel, it is very dangerous to work with if you are inexperienced. When the heart of your home needs attention it is suggested to always call a licensed electrician for all your servicing needs. This panel pulls in a high amount of electricity and can be harmful if it is mishandled.

If your breaker box is in need of servicing or updating, you’ve come across the right place. Our local electricians of Amarillo have the knowledge and training to not get your wires crossed. We are have electricians in the field and in your area all over Amarillo to help you navigate through what issues you may be experiencing.

Why hire One Way Electric to service your breaker box?

  • We are trusted in Amarillo since 2011
  • We will get the job done right the first time, affordably!
  • We have experience in residential and commercial projects
  • Master Electricians as full-time staff training our apprentices for a bright future!

Stop being frustrated by multiple power outages in your home, call our licensed electricians of Amarillo today!

Electrical inspection

Mishandling or improper installation can have devastating effects on the luxuries and modernization that electricity has brought to all our lives. The safety standards set forth by the National Electric Code (NEC), were created by the National Fire Protection Association to dictate the minimal electrical safety standards across the U.S. These codes are the ones our local Amarillo electricians use for inspecting your home or business.

One Way Electric provides both commercial and residential electrical inspections to Amarillo and the surrounding areas. We want to help keep you and your family safe .

Electrical Safety Inspections are Recommended if:

      • You are newly purchasing a home or building
      • Your home is older than 40 years
      • You are selling your home
      • Any major renovations
      • Install new home appliances

The local electricians of our company will check the following during your inspection:

  • Outdated wiring
  • Water leaks
  • Loose connections
  • Incompatible wiring sizes
  • Oversized fuses or breakers
  • Impaired wires and its components
  • Electrocution and shock hazards
  • Energy efficiency
  • Proper grounding
  • Smoke detector/alarm testing
  • Carbon monoxide detector testing
  • Electrical panel set-up
  • Any other circumstances that may pose a fire or safety risk.

The safety of your dwelling is most important to us. We will inform you of any issues that need attention or places that need improvements upfront. For a comprehensive electrical inspection in Amarillo or its surrounding areas you can count on One Way Electric. We will be fast and reliable in addressing the issues of your dwelling. If you want professional electrical work with the local touch, call One Way Electric today! 806-681-1217

Electrical wiring

Keeping Amarillo Wired since 2011!

Amarillo, TX Electrical wiring

Trust One Way Electric of Amarillo when you need your electrical wiring done right!

If it’s residential or commercial wiring, we have the knowledge and expertise you need. Our customer service is the top of the town here in Amarillo, and the quality and expertise for our local electricians is unparalleled to the rest.

Why work with One Way Electric?

  • We are trusted in Amarillo since 2011
  • Our expert electricians will give you quick dependable service
  • We have experience in residential and commercial projects
  • Master Electricians as full-time staff training our apprentices for a bright future!

We offer a variety of electrical wiring services including amp upgrades; electrical disconnections; and meter box, service panel wiring, circuit breaker, and others. We are not limited to just these services. Our work is backed by the U.S. National Electrical Code created by the National Fire Protection Association.

Phone wiring

Keeping Amarillo Connected!

Residential and commercial phone wiring

For over a century we have all used phones to keep connected. They have changed the way we do business, get ahold of one another, and have quick access in an emergency situation.

With all the modern amenities that phones offer, we want to assure you that your business and home phones are installed properly.

If it’s an extra line you need in your home, or a new set of office phone lines, One Way Electric has been offering phone service to our Amarillo customers since the beginning. This team of Electricians is on the move when you are ready for your your new phone service.

Why work with One Way Electric?

  • Amarillo telephone wiring you can depend on
  • We have experience in residential and commercial projects
  • Master Electricians as full-time staff training our apprentices for a bright future!

Service your home and office communication with One Way Electric of Amarillo 806.681.1217

Home systems

Emergency generators

Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle are not strangers to changing weather. Storms roll through, and electricity becomes an even more precious commodity when it goes out. For hours we wait on our hard working community electrical service to fix these problems in the harshest conditions. When these situations strike, don’t be caught off guard. Prepare now with One Way Electric. To fill the needs of our community we have installed emergency power generators connected to your homes. These emergency generators do not rely on gasoline because they are most often powered by clean burning natural gas or propane. They are now designed as whole house backup generators; meaning they start to produce electricity when they sense a power failure or blackout, then stop when it has been restored. The biggest advantage to these backup generators is their ability to maintain your home security or business security systems.

Our local electricians can help you tread through the research on these emergency generators. We can offer our expertise on different brands and find you the generator to suit your needs. We provide expert installation with unmatched quality. Call One Way Electric for a quote and to answer the questions you have before you wrestle the storm.

Electrical vehicle charging stations

Growing popularity with Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PIVs) in adjacent to our transcontinental highways, Amarillo is seeing a need for charging stations in their homes and businesses. Amarillo’s small town feel is not threatened by the future and man businesses are installing EVs and PIVs in private parking garages and some public areas as well.

Call One Way Electric for quotes and information on these EV and PIV charging stations in your homes or businesses. New movements on EVs and PIVs will only grow their popularity throughout our town, our electricians can ensure you won’t be stuck in the past.

ev charging station install for tesla and other electric vehicles